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Cell Phones and the Law
Whether or not you think cell phones are ruining today's generation, it's impossible to deny how ubiquitous they are. Everyone has a cell phone these days, and just about every cell phone comes with a camera. Sure, some people may roll their eyes at all the selfies that teenagers take, but there's another use for that camera.
It's a great way to collect and document evidence, for one! If you get into an accident, the most valuable thing you can do for your personal injury claim is to take pictures of everything. Take a picture of the scene, of your car, of their car. Take a picture of their insurance information, even, so that you have it even if it gets misplaced. Take a picture of any injuries you might have, or if you have to seek medical care.
Granted, maybe you're not thinking about your claim in the moment, but even if you're not planning to make a claim, it's still incredibly important to document everything that happened. If your cell phone is damaged in your accident, ask someone else to document for you. It may seem a bit gruesome, especially if you're injured, but if you have to file an insurance claim or you decide to open a personal injury claim, pictures are invaluable.
Don't look at cell phones as something wasteful. Look at them as a way to interact with the world around you.