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Why Auto Insurance Matters
It seems like a no-brainer, right? You have a car, so you purchase insurance for it, because why not? You want your car - and by extension, yourself - to be protected in case of an accident. In the state of Texas, minimum insurance coverage is required for all people who own a vehicle. That means, if there's an accident and you're found to be at fault, your insurance will pay what it can.
Most people have "30/60/25" insurance, where it's $30,000 for bodily injury, $60,000 if bodily injury involving more than one person occurs, and $25,000 for property damage. In other words, if someone gets hurt, if multiple someones get hurt, or if the car itself is damaged, the insurance covers that. Many insurance companies recommend a higher coverage plan than this, just because auto accidents can be costly, and nobody wants to pay out of pocket in situations like that. That's still the basic minimum, and one everybody should have.
Why is it so important, though? As mentioned, Texas operates under a "fault system," where when there is an accident, they require the drivers to pay for the faults they caused. Some states, like Kansas, operate on a "no-fault system," where insurance covers everything, regardless of who may have caused the accident. Basically, if it's your fault, here in Texas, you have to pay.
If you don't have insurance, that just became a lot harder. Texas does require insurance companies to offer "uninsured motorist coverage," which consists of a $250 payment before insurance will cover the accident. It's not a very well-known option, in part because it isn't required like the minimum coverage is.
Having good insurance can help with the aftermath of a personal injury case - and if you need help proving something to your insurance company, that's where you can turn to Larry Harrison.