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How To Get Away With Accurate Lawyer-ing
Many people are familiar with the ABC television show How To Get Away With Murder. It's a drama about a group of law students led by their charismatic professor, Annalise Keating, as she teaches them about the world of law. As the title suggests, it's about much more than law school.
The cases-of-the-week presented are typically of the most dramatic kind - that's what makes for good television after all! They allow Annalise to grandstand and give intense speeches that inevitably win the case for her. Sounds good, right? Well, maybe you're not watching it for the law-school aspects.
The five students are handpicked by their professor to become the Keating 5, and are then expected to be at her house 24/7 helping her with her various law cases. In one episode, two students mention that they have to study for Torts, and she tells them to forget about it. Whenever we see classroom scenes, it's always Professor Keating's, and she tailors the class almost exclusively to her five students. You have to wonder about the other students in there!
Of course, How To Get Away With Murder is a fictional tv show - it's not necessarily expected to give an accurate view of law school, and it might detract from the excitement if it did. There are times when it does test the boundaries of fiction, though. Annalise wins every court case, often by way of getting evidence illegally or berating the opposing counsel into agreeing with her. Even her boss at the law school says they give her a great deal of power in how she conducts her classes...and yet, it doesn't slow her down a bit.
It's best to watch the show for what it is, a drama series that specializes in keeping you on the edge of your seat. Don't come into it expecting to see law school, or even cases like personal injury claims!